Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Most Boring Game in the Universe!

Ever wonder why the game of CANDY LAND was SO b-o-r-i-n-g? A certain Eleanor Abbott, herself afflicted with polio, dreamed up the game in 1946 as an entertainment for children on polio wards. Introduced in 1949 at the price of one dollar, CANDY LAND was advertised as fulfilling "the sweet tooth yearning of the younger set without the tummy ache aftereffects."

Since the game requires no skill or strategy whatsoever, and originally had no personalities either (they came in later editions), only those rather creepy board landmarks, anyone with even minimal consciousness can play it, even someone immobilized in an iron lung. The good or bad luck of the draw of the cards is really all there is, which is why this "sweet little game for sweet little follks" takes forever. As you may recall, some of those cards cause major setbacks, and when you get stuck while turn after turn passes, the boringness of this game reaches a level that makes you yearn for the hullabaloo and drama of drying paint.
I hated CANDY LAND as a child, and I wish I had included some sort of CANDY LAND trauma for Alice in her grim Tatnall childhood. It would have suited that aspect of True Confections. But unlike Hasbro and all their casual Queen Frostine mutations, I won't be making changes in future editions.
(This post was inspired by the ever-wonderful http://candyprofessor.com/ )


  1. I love the idea of "CANDY LAND trauma." I suspect that is a common affliction of parents today, this one at least. The not-so-secret CANDYLAND secret: the Dora edition has extra "double square" cards, which make the game go MUCH faster. Hair-pulling moms, take note.

  2. Thanks for the backstory on Candyland! I've always thought it was a pretty boring game and now I know why!

  3. Candy Land is #2 on the boring list; Chutes and Ladders takes the top spot.

  4. And then when you get a bit older and can hold a handful of cards, you can graduate to War.

  5. Have you ever played a game called Sweet Tooth 2 on www.Pogo.com? I really like that one.

    As for games I played as a child, I don't remember having Candy Land. What I do remember is Hi Ho Cherry-O, which I loved.

  6. Oooh, I know I'm a month late in posting this, but check out this Candy Land Youtube video:

    I bet a lot of people can relate!