Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Final Moment Before Staircase Writing Sets In

I have turned in all corrections to second pass pages for The Memory Of All That. From this moment on, anything else I want to include in those pages will consist of staircase writing here.

The last new writing, in these final corrections, was a parenthetical sentence about my great-aunt the psychoanalyst, inserted into a late chapter in a paragraph about the imperious old ladies in my family and their hierarchies: (Bettina always cheated ferociously at croquet, to ensure that Nick won, she came in second, and I finished last.)


  1. Congratulations, Ms W, and bring on the staircase writing! Gives us something to chew on as we wait (and wait) for the publisher to manufacture copies of your book.

    Huzzah!! And many mooooore...

  2. Complicated dynamic, to say the least. I'm glad you have the presence of mind to sort it all out. Writer. Thanks for the gifts, which for someone, I have no doubt, includes your presence. Life can be good sometimes, or eventually, I have no doubt. Break a finger!