Monday, April 25, 2011

Say, Dat's Still Tasty

Bound galleys are in for The Memory Of All That, which pubs in July. The paperback of True Confections came out just before Christmas. So while it still feels like a new book to me, now that spring has sprung, the world has pretty much moved on. For the first time in three years I won't be attending the huge candy convention in Chicago next month.

I am ready to move on, but before I turn all my meta writing energies to my forthcoming book (while devoting my actual writing energies to my new novel in progress), this is just a reminder that there is a website for Zip's Candies, and at the website there is a contest that is still live, with very beautiful "Say, Dat's Tasty!" t-shirt prizes still available to anyone and everyone who submits an entry. Please visit Zip's Candies , and please enter the contest! And please tell everyone you know!


  1. Eager for "The Memory of All That." New novel? Yippee!
    Cheers from Kat

  2. You know it, obviously. I've ready your work, so I can use that phrase, you know it, obviously, freely. And it's nice to know you are at work on yet another. I hope I can just buy one of those t-shirts as I'm almost positive, almost positive, parse that, that my girlfriend would love one of them. And, I never win prizes. Which doesn't hurt me, as I know better. I might buy two for the both of us. I'll research. She would like it. Thanks!

  3. PS. When are we going to be able to edit comments on blogs? I, obviously meant read not ready. Or, should I consult the OED and see if I made a fitting mishap. Doubt it!