Sunday, August 22, 2010

One Out of Four

Many of the brands we think of today as classic or even iconic herald from the golden era of candy manufacturing, when there were hundreds of regional brands that were often short-lived. Here is a collection of four vintage candy boxes. One of these is not like the other: Tootsie Rolls. It succeeded while the other three failed. Why? The name, the flavor and texture, the packaging, the marketing? Maybe all of those things.

Chances are you have never heard of the Mars confection called Dr. I.Q., or the "delicious" Cabbage Candy Bar, or Guernsey Girl Malted Milk Chocolate Candy. I would have happily included these long lost confections in True Confections had I known of their existence.


  1. Cabbage Candy sounds like something from a kids' book, or an alternative universe. Who could have thought that would be a good marketing idea? But Dr. I.Q. -- makes you smart and buys you a big house in California, apparently.

  2. It's that brown makes me salivate just looking at it.