Friday, October 22, 2010

"Our Spotless Sunlit Kitchens"

"When you crave good candy, eat a Mars confection."

Oh, the simple, innocent past (1939) when a person could eat a Snickers and feel only wholesome and virtuous. Did people really believe that Mars candy was made in sunlit (never mind spotless) kitchens? If it was made in windowless cellars would it taste any different? What an intriguing claim. Alice Ziplinsky would have snickered over this Snickers campaign strategy, while simultaneously boasting about the sunlit production space at Zip's Candies. How many national brands of candy bars are today manufactured in spotless, sunlit kitchens? How many Mars confections?


  1. How interesting that they suggest trying Snickers frozen already in 1939. I always thought of the frozen candy bar as a kind of '80s thing. And how many homes had freezers in 1939? So were stores freezing candy bars? A candy mystery's afoot...

  2. I noticed that too, and I agree, I thought it was a much more recent innovation. I wonder if they were competing with ice cream products available in stores as opposed to ice cream parlors?

  3. I'm glad my snickers image came in handy for your article. Let me know if you need any more in the future.