Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today is publication day for True Confections! In an alternate universe, my novel has another title, my working title for years -- Temper. I liked the word for all its possible meanings, from mood and anger to the process of tempering chocolate, which requires strict control of temperatures while first heating and then cooling chocolate so that the molecules will form a uniform crystal structure, which is what gives good chocolate its glossy shine and its "snap." (Badly tempered chocolate is dull and lumpy and snapless.) So I loved all the metaphorical possibilities of the title Temper.

But my editor said No dice! And he was right. We brainstormed through dozens of titles and finally I returned to one of his first suggestions, True Confections, which is just the right title for the novel formerly known as Temper.


  1. I always say that pub.day is a non-event. So you might like a note from a fan who wishes you the best with the new book.

    I think it's a splendid title and a nifty jacket.

  2. I love the title; it IS better than "Temper" although I quite like temper, too, so you can't go by me. TC, though, is ironically clever which is a good match for the content. --Kat

  3. I sympathize. I wanted to call my first novel Fame and Honor, but it was no go. Publishers don't like abstract nouns as titles (unless you're Ian McEwan).

  4. Your book caught my eye when I read your guest column on Christine Baker Kline's blog. The peppermint cover was very tempting, so I ordered it right away. Just finished reading it. Loved the clever, indulgent title "True Confections," but was also glad I'd learned about its working title from your blog and was able to catch the references to temper/ing throughout. Thanks for sharing what went on behind the scenes!